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General Commercial Litigation

Experienced, Knowledgable Attorney Representation For All Types Of Civil Contract Cases
Armand Law Group has extensive experience successfully handling complex business disputes in Nevada's Justice, District and Federal courts. Many of our cases have involved successful trial representations and others have ended in successful settlements prior to trial. We currently handle a wide variety of disputes & cases in all areas of general commercial matters.

Retainers & Fees

Armand Law Group can manage commercial litigation cases using a variety of fee arrangements, including fixed and flat fees, bonus arrangements, partial fees & partial contingencies.

We also handle on a retainer basis such things like responding to all third-party subpoenas for clients or responding to or sending out cease and desist letters so our clients don't need their in-house lawyers to spend valuable time on these low-value matters. We also provide "general litigation advice" on a retainer basis which covers any work or advice on matters that have not yet risen to the level of an action or lawsuit.

We are comfortable with any subject matter area of contract law including:

• breach of contract
• breach of fiduciary duty
• estate / legacy liability issues
• real estate disputes
• employment law matters
• business-to-business disputes
• business-to-consumer disputes
• fraud/misrepresentation
• breach of fiduciary duty
• unfair competition
• copyright/trademark infringement
• defamation
• indemnity
• trade secrets
• class action
• litigation
• real estate cases

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