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Immigration Lawyer for Visas, Green Cards, Criminal Issues and Deportation.

Armand Law Group has experience representing clients who are seeking help with immigration issues. Our considerable working knowledge of immigration law and the legal system allows us to provide the right outcomes for our clients.

We serve individuals and families that may be facing all types of issues in order to enter or stay in the country. We believe that just because a person was not born here does not mean that they shouldnŐt be granted the same rights as those who were. We use our understanding of the law to find solutions that give our clients the chance to resolve immigration issues. Our firm is ready to assist clients with a wide array of immigration law matters including renewing a green card, seeking citizenship or asylum and more.

Our clients come to us with all types of immigration problems, whether they are a worker that is looking to come to the country for a job, a traveler looking to visit the U.S. or are a current legal resident that is looking to avoid deportation. We also offer assistance with visas and the many forms that may be required for a particular situation. We can review the circumstances of our clients, find out what type of visa they may require and assist them in obtaining it. By understanding the immigration system and knowing how to work within it we are able to find fast and effective solutions.

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